Top ten most brilliant compliments for girl

Top ten most brilliant compliments for girl

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How often do you make your briney a compliment? Once a day? Twice? Perhaps some girls are so lucky as to hear those cherished words every few hour. None the less, it’s well-known that quantity makes no odds when quality is poor. For this reason we drew up a list of top ten most brilliant compliments which will without fail warm the cockles of her heart.

1. You are as lovely as a painting!

Girls can’t help waiting to hear from their near and dear how beautiful they are. This is presumably one of the most desired compliments. This unpretentious comparison will evoke a smile on her face and do her the world of good.

2. I look into your beautiful eyes and wonder what they hide.

Women hate being an open book for men, it really speaks to them when they are kind of a mystery for their beloved. Take troubles to insure her from thinking that she has become predictable and you will hardly ever sing the blues with your love.

3. You are my one and only!

Along with acknowledging her beauty, make sure you point out she is the only one in your life. Ladies don’t take liking to sharing their men with somebody else.

4. You have so sweet smell.

Breathe this softly into her ear so she will melt in your hands like wax on fire.

5. When you are near me nothing else is of importance.

Let her see she makes a great figure for you, that you feel the need of her and you will see how devoted her love can be. Girls want to know you appreciate them.

6. You are unbelievable today!

Women strive to be perfect each day; they spend tons of time and much trouble to smarten up for you. Hence it’s necessary to point it out that you lay weight on it. Recognizing her efforts will do her day.

7. You are everything to me.

These simple words mean more than any other compliments. Every girl dreams to become the whole world to her sweetheart.

8. I like every line of your body.

Most women have complexes about their body, even if one is in quite good shape. You should speak words of praise about her form and this will infuse confidence in her and inbreathe her to cope with her downsides and get fit.

9. When you smile to me everything fades away.

These honeysweet words will make your lover’s smile shine on her face over and over, being at the same hour reminiscent of how precious she is to you.

10. You complete me.

This way of telling her what she signifies to you will show her you two are coherent whole, which is of great consequence for every girl, thus you will bring her more joy.

Do not hesitate to make a compliment! You can scarcely go over the top with it.

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